Wood Disclaimer
Cherry will have pin knots and pitch pockets.
It will also become slightly more red as it is exposed to light.
Not removing wrapping from cabinets after they are received may cause them to change color unevenly.
This is not a defect. The color will change as it ages.

Maple will show evidence of birds eye, mineral streaks and burling.
Light may cause it to yellow over time.

Oak will have lineal grain separation and pin knots.
It will become more pink in color as it is exposed to light.
Natural Finishes (woods without stain) will show the maximum amount of grain variation.
The wood will show all of the characteristics described above.
Because the same grades of wood that are used with natural finishes are used with other stained finishes,
only people who appreciate the distinctiveness of each piece of wood should order a natural finish.

All stained cabinetry are hand rubbed stains and applied with the highest standards in the industry.
Again, because of the characteristics of wood species described above, stains may vary slightly from
door to door depending on the wood graining and growth lines.
Painted finishes on wood cabinetry and doors may show crack lines the joints of the casework,
the doors and the drawer fronts due to the characteristic differences between wood and paint.
This is not a fault in the wood working and is a desirable trait of all painted furniture or cabinetry.

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